Nicola Rocco is a professional model from Bournemouth, UK. Nicola’s relentless work ethic, intelligence and passion are accompanied by an positive attitude and ability to consistently deliver captivating and astonishing, jaw-dropping photographs. Nicola has appeared in Zoo, Womens Fitness, Daily Star, The Sun, Daily Mail, Models Mania, Halcyon Blue Brand Bikinis as well as calenders and fashion shows. Nicola displays not only a high level of professionalism, but also a passionate attitude towards modeling.

Nicola says “Modelling brings out different sides to my personality. Makes me feel alive; confident and in control.”

Alongside her experience in Lingerie, Glamour, Runway and Swimwear Commercial modelling, Nicola has been interviewed and presenting for television as well as acting for independent narrative film and music video. Whilst portraying a persona of attraction and beauty, she is able to deliver three-dimensional and intelligently sophisticated performances

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